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Florida Auto Plus Insurance is a family owned and operated independent agency specializing in Florida car
insurance with FR44 filing. All our staff are family members who respect and love each other and take great
pride in operating the family business. We appreciate our entire family of clients that consistently renew their
policy time and time again.

After the law changed in 2007 for drivers with DUI our agency began to receive many calls from policyholders
seeking clarification of exactly what was required. Many were shocked to find that their SR22 filing had to be
replaced with the new FR44 filing that required minimum liability limits of 100/300/50 instead of 10/20/10
required by
Florida SR22 insurance. Early in 2008 I published an article titled “Florida FR44 Auto Insurance
Facts For DUI Drivers” with the internet publisher Ezine Articles which increased our call volume dramatically.
After a dozen or more articles published and several more years gone by we have successfully placed 100’s
of policies with FR44 filings in Florida.

When it comes to this type of policy we know exactly what needs to be done to reinstate and maintain the
license of a DUI convicted driver through a
Florida FR44 filing. We also know exactly how to provide excellent
customer service for a policyholder in this circumstance. Our expertise in this area is welcomed relief for
anyone experiencing the consequences of a conviction. We can answer all your questions and find a low cost
policy with low monthly payments.

We fully recognize that only a small amount of alcohol will breach the threshold for conviction and many
drivers are unaware that they are driving intoxicated or impaired. Also, local municipalities have become very
aggressive at seeking out these unsuspecting drivers and most are caught without exhibiting any erratic
driving behavior. Being pulled over for something minor like a broken tail light or at a general checkpoint will
yield a roadside sobriety test and or a breathalyzer test. Remember, it only takes a couple of drinks.

We are here to help you, not judge you. If you have any
Florida FR44 insurance questions or concerns
please give us a call at 305-278-1388 so that we may assist you. Naturally, we would be delighted to speak
with you and offer a personalized no obligation quote with a sincere interest to save you money and add you
to our family of clients. Click here;
how much does insurance cost, to quote yourself online anytime.

Call today, don't delay, and start saving now with a low cost Florida FR44 insurance policy from the experts at
Florida Auto Plus Insurance. We’ll be expecting your call anytime and “stand ready” to assist you. Our phone
number is 305-278-1388 and our websites listed on the
FloridaFR44.com resource page are easy to
navigate. Thank you, and remember, it only takes a small amount of alcohol to breach the threshold for

Clifford Schimek, President of Florida Auto Plus Insurance
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