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Florida FR44 Insurance Companies

Mercury Insurance Company was established in 1962 by George Joseph in Los Angeles. A.M. Best
Company has rated Mercury an A+ "Excellent" company. Celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2012, Mercury
believes one reason for their success is the trust they’ve built with customers. Forbes magazine has named
Mercury one of "America’s Most Trustworthy Companies." Mercury gives full support to their independent

Mercury consistently maintains very strict underwriting (qualifying) rules and guidelines which enables them to
keep rates low. Generally, the DUI can be the only blemish on the driving record. If you qualify, this is a great
company to be insured with. The biggest advantage for consumers with this company is rate stability.
Because Mercury carefully underwrites each policy and has strict standards that they adhere to they are able
to keep their rates consistent.

Infinity Insurance Company is a top leader in quality insurance services and products. This company has
been successful since 1950 and their headquarters are located in Birmingham, Alabama. Infinity Insurance
Company consistently receives high ratings for financial strength by all the reputable rating agencies.

Successful applicants approved for a policy with FR44 will have to pay for the insurance in full without the
benefit of any type of payment plan. Although the company does not allow for a non owner FR44 policy, they
will provide non owner policy for a
Florida SR22. Successful applicants will have their FR44 filed within 24 to
48 hours. The company provides for electronic signatures. Infinity also offers policies for commercial trucks
and vehicles, which can also have a filing. From our experience here at the agency, they have become quite
competitive recently. They are eager for business, and there low rates demonstrate that. This company is
also an industry leader for classic and antique car insurance policies offering very competitive rates for these
types of policies.

Foremost Insurance Group Company, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was founded on June
12, 1952 by Edward J. Frey, Edward L. Stoddard and several investors. Foremost was acquired by the
Farmers Insurance Group on March 12, 2000. The financial strength of Foremost Insurance Group was rated
A by the rating company A.M. Best. They accept most types of drivers with different driving histories.

Foremost is one of the more flexible companies that we work with. They will accept a wide variety of vehicle
types and drivers with varied histories, including those with a currently suspended license, and filings are
completed within 24 to 48 hours. Another great thing about Foremost is that a hard copy of your FR44
certificate is available immediately after purchasing the policy. With many companies you will have to wait for
the certificate due to the special handling and processing that certificates require. Whether you need an
FR44 or SR22 filed, or just want to save some money on your current policy, Foremost is an excellent
company with a great track record and competitive prices.

Progressive Insurance Company was started on March 10, 1937 by two lawyers named Joseph Lewis and
Jack Green and became a public company in 1971.  
Progressive auto insurance can be purchased online, by
phone or through independent insurance agents. Progressive also offers insurance for motorcycles, boats,
commercial vehicles, snowmobiles, RV’s and more.

Like Foremost, Progressive is a very flexible company and will offer FR44 policies with many different
violations on the driving record. As of July 2015 Progressive no longer will file the FR44 with a motorcycle
policy. Policies can be written while a driver license is suspended and filings are completed within 24 to 48
hours and a hard copy of the FR44 certificate is immediately available at point of sale. Also, Progressive will
allow endorsements during the policy term for the FR44 policy. Progressive does not offer payment plans for
FR44 policies, however they do allow endorsements for existing FR44 policies.

Progressive makes purchasing insurance very simple and easy. After you submit your payment, you can sign
the application online and print out your ID cards right from home! It only takes a few minutes. Also, this
company has always been a leader in quality customer service. And just one example of how they do that is
they are open 24/7 to answer questions, take payments, and help with any concerns you may have. You can
also make payments, changes, or check your coverages right online with ease anytime. Their new snapshot
program is just another way you can save with this company. Safe drivers can save up to 30%. "Now that's

National General Insurance Company is a company known for world-class service and innovations that
has made them a top insurance provider to more than a million customers across the country. Over the past
few years, they have added online self-service and paperless policy options; began offering life, accident and
health insurance options and enhanced their technology platform to meet and exceed all service
expectations. They are an ever evolving company that always strives to be better. They have decided it is
time to change their name and look. The new name is National General Insurance. Their new name and look
better reflects who they are, a forward moving and leading insurance provider.

National General has strict underwriting rules and guidelines which disqualifies many drivers, but keeps rates
low for others. This company will offer a policy for FR44 only if insured has prior Bodily Injury Liability of a
least 25/50. There are other restrictions however, even if prior is 25/50, such as territory may not be open for
new business and there must be an equal number of drivers and vehicles.

United Auto Insurance Company was incorporated on March 2, 1989 in Miami Gardens, FL to provide a
high quality and low cost insurance product to the non-standard automobile insurance market. The company
is family owned and it is one of the largest privately held property and casualty insurance companies in the
United States.

United is among the few companies that will extend a payment plan to FR44 policies in limited circumstances.
They also provide the FR44 certificate on Florida non owner insurance policies. They only way to know if you
qualify for one of these programs is to call and ask for a Florida FR44 insurance quote. United will also allow
for an electronic signature through their proprietary program as long as it completed within three days.

Travelers Insurance Company’s main offices are located in New York, N.Y., Hartford, Connecticut and
Saint Paul, Minnesota. Field or branch locations are in all 50 states, Canada, Ireland and the United
Kingdom. Traveler’s is one of the largest property casualty companies and the second largest writer of
commercial U.S. property insurance. This is a great company to be insured with and we are privileged to be
working with them, however, they do not offer policies to any driver convicted of a DUI.

Windhaven does not offer FR44 polices and they do not offer BI higher than 10/20 for any policy. They do
however offer SR22 owners policies.

DairyLand As of July 2015 this company stopped offering FR44 policies for owners policies. They still
however offer policies with the FR44 for non owners policies.

Allstate provides FR44 policies but only to their current clients.

State Farm does not offer FR44 insurance.

GEICO offers FR44 policies paid in full only to select clients.
Florida FR44 Insurance Companies
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