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FR44 Frequently Asked Questions
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Florida FR44 insurance requirements

Q - What are the Florida FR44 insurance requirements for a policy to qualify as an FR44?
A - The minimum amounts are $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident of Bodily Injury Liability and
$50,000 of Property Damage Liability. A single combined limit of $300,000 is also acceptable.
The liability coverage must be provided by a Florida insurance policy.

Q - Does the state of Florida mandate that all insurance policies with FR44 filings be paid in full?
A -  No. However, the state of Florida does require FR44 policies to be non-cancellable. Because of this
requirement, most companies demand payment in full by the policyholder.

Q - Why do I have to list all household members on my policy even if they do not drive my vehicle?
A -  It is a requirement that all household members are disclosed on the application when there is a filing, and
all companies comply.

Q - How fast is my FR44 filed with the state?
A -  Your Florida FR44 is electronically filed at the time you purchase a policy and will show in the DMV
system within 24 to 48 hrs. This is the only way a
Florida FR44 insurance policy may be filed.

FR44 insurance in Florida how long?

Q - How will I know when my FR44 requirement is no longer needed?
A - The best way to find out is to contact the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles and have them tell you the
exact date your requirement ends. I recommend contacting them by email at
www3.flhsmv.gov/DDL/CQS/ so
you have their response in writing. Choose the "insurance suspension" option, and submit your question
directly to the DMV.

Q - If my DUI occurred over 3 years ago, do I still have to have the FR44?
A - You may still be required to maintain the FR44. The Department of Motor vehicles can advise you of your
status. There is a difference depending on when your DUI happened, the conviction date, and changes in the

Q - Will a DUI conviction on my Motor Vehicle Records appear permanently?
A -  Insurance companies typically look back 3 to 5 years on your driving record. For DUI related offenses
many companies will look back 10 years or more and some will not allow multiple DUI convictions regardless
of how long apart they may be.

Florida FR44 insurance quotes

Q-  What is the cheapest Florida FR44 insurance company?
A-  Just like with all policies, different companies have different prices for different risks. The best thing to do
is to shop around with reputable companies and compare coverages. We represent several companies that
issue FR44 policies with competitive prices.

Q - Are there any companies offering FR44 insurance in Florida with a monthly payment plan?
A -  Not usually. Since companies may not cancel a policy after 60 days of issuance they generally will require
payment in full at the start of the policy.

Q-  If I pay for the policy in full this time, will I be able to get on a payment plan for my renewal?
A-   Usually the answer is no. Of course, this can always change so it is important to ask. Infinity does offer a
payment plan for their renewing Florida FR44 insurance policies.

Q - What will my premium be after the FR44 requirement is no longer needed?
A - The premium will be less but is not determined until after the endorsement or change in your policy is
processed and completed. Your prior Bodily Injury of 100/300 will help you achieve a better rate.

Q - Where can I find my FR44 case #?
A -  You can check the status of your license by using Florida's online driver license check.
Copy & paste the following URL in your browser's address bar ( https://www.services.flhsmv.gov/DLCheck/ )
If your license is currently suspended due to a DUI conviction you will see an FR (financial responsibility)
suspension with a 9 digit # that begins with a 4. This is you FR44 case #. As soon as the state electronically
receives the FR44 filing from your company and you reinstate your license, your license status will show as
'valid' and you will no longer see your case #. Always contact the DMV first to ask when you can remove the

Florida FR44 insurance no car

Q - Why am I unable to buy a non owners policy with FR44 if I live with others who own a car?
A -  It is a requirement that individuals do not have access to a vehicle when purchasing a Florida non owners
insurance policy and all companies comply.

Q - Can I purchase just the filing for the FR44 and nothing else?
A -  No; however, if you do not have a vehicle to insure, you can still comply with the state's requirements by
purchasing a non owners policy with an FR44 filing. You are only eligible for this type of policy if you have no
vehicles registered to you, do not operate any vehicle regularly, and live in a household with no vehicles.

Q-  I need a
Florida FR44 insurance policy to reinstate my license. Can I put the insurance under someone
else's name and be an additional driver on their policy?
A-  Yes. It depends on the company, however, both Progressive and Foremost (who we represent) will allow
you to do this.
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